Suffocated and Safe

It's been a long night of revisiting old mistakes and people who aimed directly at my heart and shot their absence into it. The gun powder still remains on the walls of my heart as I reminisce about the way your eyes looked into mine when I thought they were looking for love but really, … Continue reading Suffocated and Safe



Humans are made up of a complicated web of feelings and thoughts. But we are not just that. We are so much more. Feelings are just feelings and thoughts are just thoughts. Thoughts are not actions and your feelings are not you. They are just transition states and crossroads that we cannot avoid. But we … Continue reading Love?


(Urdu; peace) Under the mask Behind the smiles Just a mess, doing nothing.  Clenching my fist and  Biting my nails and  Tapping my feet. My hand is pulling my hair And my stomach is growling And my palms are sweating. I find my thoughts, chaotic Recklessly screaming and beating "Breaking your back, but not doing … Continue reading Sukoon?