There is a piercing eeriness in this city of four chambers. Sirens are wailing around. It's pouring heavens, the red water gushing through the streets. Traffic signals stuck in the rain- flashing the red, time and again. You ride your limo, high on your pride. You roll down your window, a man in a Versace [...]


Emotion Management

1. When you are angry, don't ask yourself any whys or hows, just don't be. 2. When you are happy, do not be so giddy, and replace your goofy grin with a subtle smile of mere satisfaction. 3. When you are sad, quit being lazy and get some work done. 4. When you're in the [...]

A paradox

We lie on that layer of soft grass and in the hustle bustle of this city, instead of stars we look at the air planes passing over us. There are two constant cream lights and one red and one blue light that blink on equal intervals of time. Maybe they indicate something, I don't know [...]

Grey: The Chaos

It's just mixed and grey Boxed together, all they do is free We drift away or stay Finding balance not falling prey It's just bright and grey Rising sun and blushing skies We drift away or stay Taking control on all those butterflies It's just together and grey Sound eyes that scream of home We [...]

White: Contradiction

It's all plain and white Mixed shades, without hue Colours are not in sight Iridescent beings, nothing new It's all healed and white Covered in shells, warm life Scars are not in sight No more hearts stabbed by knives It's all serene and white Calm breezes, shallow lakes Depth is not in sight Less words, [...]

Black: Acceptance

It's all misty and black Blurred out coupled with haze Vision is all we lack Turned to ash in sudden blaze It's all scarred and black What just aches and bleeds Hearts are all we lack Wasted, incomplete needs It's all dug and black Deep inside there's a hole Bricks are all we lack A [...]


Under the open empty skies Carrying around a mouthful of lies Tearing apart piece by piece First the hair, then the skin Shed the veins and arteries Off your bones like A snake's shed skin Dismantle the bones One by one, Place them down, Under the sun. Let your organs fall to the ground Up [...]

An overwhelming feeling of Content

Today you are seventeen, and dreaming of someday. It fills you with an overwhelming feeling of content. And you want to write that feeling down but it's too pure, so much so, that words could never do it justice. So you decide to live in the moments. Moments of happiness and longing and everything in [...]

Suffocated and Safe

It's been a long night of revisiting old mistakes and people who aimed directly at my heart and shot their absence into it. The gun powder still remains on the walls of my heart as I reminisce about the way your eyes looked into mine when I thought they were looking for love but really, [...]


Humans are made up of a complicated web of feelings and thoughts. But we are not just that. We are so much more. Feelings are just feelings and thoughts are just thoughts. Thoughts are not actions and your feelings are not you. They are just transition states and crossroads that we cannot avoid. But we [...]

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