Humans are made up of a complicated web of feelings and thoughts. But we are not just that. We are so much more. Feelings are just feelings and thoughts are just thoughts. Thoughts are not actions and your feelings are not you. They are just transition states and crossroads that we cannot avoid. But we lie above that, in our apparently constant but ever changing consciousness.

Human relations are complex. We can fall without getting hurt. We can breathe without living. We can drain out without bleeding. And we can love a person without ever really falling for the person. If we were mere feelings, as we assume ourselves to be, we wouldn’t be able to love as we do.

We can love; even after learning all the quirks in someone, after reading in between the lines, after falling out of love. And even after getting hurt a thousand times, we can still love. We need to make ourselves realise that we are more capable than we believe ourselves to be.

And it will take time. Of course it will. After all, time is all we all need. It’s ironic how even after it screws with us, time is all we need to heal.

Well, time along with a little bit of love.

Muskaan Sancheti

Picture Source: Pinterest


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