A poem is just an order of words
Which might to some mean only two thirds.
To some they might have no worth
To some they might be their earth.
So my pen right now is flowing
Blurting out words not knowing.
Just meaningless words put together
Heavy as a crying throat, light as a feather.
And here we go, writing down so-

Rose’s, lily’s, lavender’s fragrance
Making up for time and distance
Holding fire, hoping not to burn
Falling temperatures, taking turns.
Watching sun rays through the Dreamcatcher
Hiding faces from thieves and snatchers.
Listening to the ocean water caressing the sea shells
Ending things with ‘okay time’s and ‘oh well’s
Lacuna makes me wonder; people or space
Elysian parts are a different case.
Serene beauty, wind and streams
Practical, real or magical dreams?
My words here may seem meaningless
But they are deep ones in casual dress.
They sound beautiful together, don’t they?
But you’ll interpret them in a different way.
To some deep, others beauty or nothing
Or to some they’d be their hymn, making them sing.

Muskaan Sancheti

Picture Source: Pinterest 


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