We are sitting there by the window watching the drizzle turn into rain, just like any other day when the sky is pouring. He has his black coffee in his hand and I have my cappuccino and some dark chocolate. He starts humming Coldplay’s Fix You to the sound of the rain drops hitting surfaces and tries to coordinate with it but laughs it off instead. I nudge him and look at him with a frown sitting on my forehead and my lips pouting asking him to continue. He laughs a little more before he leans in to hold my face with one hand and my waist with the other to make music with our mouths. 

He pulls back to hold my hand and he traces it with his thumb. As I lean my head on his shoulder, I pull his hand into my lap and start playing with his fingers. For a while we let the rain fill in the silence as we sip our coffees.

After the skies stop pouring, I turn my face towards him and plant multiple kisses on his cheek and pull away after biting his lower lip. He smiles his evil smile and leans in, but this time, to my surprise, he tickles me. He tickles me until  I am on my back holding my stomach laughing uncontrollably and practically begging him to stop, and by now, he’s also laughing. 

I lay my head in his lap and he plays with my hair as he talks.

“I love rains, I mean, you already know that, but I love them more when I’m watching and listening to them with your head on my shoulder and our fingers dancing together in your lap. But you know what I love more than I love rains?”

He looks at my face for a reaction and I give him a perplexed look asking what and he starts “Petrichor. I mean, just smell it. Take a deep breath right now and let it seep into your soul through your lungs. Do you feel it? Do you feel calm? I don’t know but it makes me feel so relieved. It makes me feel at peace. It is so pure. It’s the aftermath of something mentioned in every art piece yet so much more beautiful. This is the aroma of peace. The petrichor makes me feel at ease. It smells like home. It feels like home, you know?” “I know” I say as I take his hand and kiss it. I continue “If you consider petrichor to be something that is calm, pure, peaceful and more beautiful than the rain, keeping in mind how much you love rain, and most importantly if you consider it to be something that feels like home, then you, love, are nothing but My Petrichor.” 

His eyes instantly shine a little brighter and he bends down to kiss my forehead and mumbles “I love you.”

Muskaan Sancheti

Picture Source: Pinterest


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