(Urdu; peace)

Under the mask
Behind the smiles
Just a mess, doing nothing. 
Clenching my fist and 
Biting my nails and 
Tapping my feet.
My hand is pulling my hair
And my stomach is growling
And my palms are sweating.
I find my thoughts, chaotic
Recklessly screaming and beating

“Breaking your back, but not doing enough
You deserve no good
You are not good enough
Your body is flawed and scarred
Your mind is bluffed and dull
You let everybody down
What’s the point of your exis-” 
In and out and breathe. 
Listen to the wind and
Feel it cool your skin and mind

Just breathe. 

In and out and breathe.

Muskaan Sancheti

Picture Source: Pinterest


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