Happy Ending?

It’s not as easy for me 
As much as it seems
Absorb broken heart 
And broken needs.

Getting up and confronting
Is as hard as it can be,
Falling again whenever
Our eyes meet and see.

It’s painfully confusing 
It’s confusingly painful.
Setting right my priorities,
Don’t let my heart be hopeful.

Can’t let go what has been mine 
Think it over and not feel
Clenched fists, rusting shine.
Be not the petal, be the steel.

Smacking life in its face
I want this I’ll never regret.
What if I fall and it hurts? 
What if I’m cold? I fret.

I can pretend, it’s easy
But I can’t carry loads anymore.
Begging myself to stop crying
Heartache is a ballad, not a lore.

I can’t but I have to
The ticket is one-way
I can’t flip things if not now
It aches to see you wait and stay.

Every time I try to be strong
I can see the deep love in your eyes
Moving takes time real long
But you can melt what’s as cold as ice.

No, this tale won’t end happily
Cause not all have the heart’s card
I collect my shattered pieces
But yet again, for you, I fall hard.

Muskaan Sancheti

Picture Source: Pinterest


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