Societal Reflex

Once upon a beat
Missed of my heart
When our eyes meet
Creates fire and art.

Sniffing on his sweater
Makes December winds warm,
Eyes getting wetter
Mind is swirls and storm.

Once upon a coffee shop
That records our first date.
With our frappé, on hilltop 
Holding hands, making fate.

He’d get me roses in pink
I would too, the yellow ones.
Leave the love in ink
Worth more than a 1000 suns.

Once upon a mistake
He was caught in my room
Our love was called fake
Torn apart, bang and boom.

‘Be a man!’ They said to me
Funny- how loving the same sex
Made me a female just see
Parting us was societal reflex.

Muskaan Sancheti

Picture Source: Pinterest


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