Love Hates Us

I have seen love fade
It dies over decades.
Staying together just for its sake
Is possibly the reason for heartbreaks.

All those memories make me smile
Thinking of them, all this while.
All those perky, lovely days
Have turned into sorrows in ugly ways.

You were my only ray of hope
Painted my canvas with colourful strokes.
Lying in cold; bare.
I don’t even expect you to care.

As we see it go
Together all the emotions flow
Trying to mend things?
Tears are all it brings.

Music of happiness- melodious, mild
Thinking of you used to make my imagination wild.
Tears roll down as I blink
My heavy heart just sinks.

Most of it was done with smiles
For you, honey, I’d have run a 1000 miles.
You didn’t care and moved away
Now I don’t stress over it a single day.

The past is bad and it’s gone
Nothing will happen if I mourne
Just forget about it all, at best
Was stuck in jammed thoughts, I need rest.

Muskaan Sancheti

Picture Source: Pinterest


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