Memory Loss

I found a ripped photograph 
I found it in my cupboard.
In my cupboard in a book
Between page 126 and 127.
Kept on page 127
Kept there as a bookmark.
Above the line that reads-
‘It’s in that pocket of your soul,
The pocket you forgot about’
There. It clicks me.
The universe did its job.
Even though I never believed it had one. 
It gave me this old, 
Ripped photograph
Of beautiful happy people
Happy people that I don’t know
That I’ve never known.
But they somehow stopped my time
Stopped it by their smiles
Smiles of the past, 
Oh how much this,
This filtered reel can do!
And as you ask what it did?
What the universe did?
Oh, it reminded me of that pocket
That old pocket aforementioned.
Where I stored all my happy moments
And now this picture goes there.
Hoping it won’t be forgotten,
Forgotten like the rest of me.

Muskaan Sancheti

Picture Source: Pinterest 


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