Paper Boats

Lush green, trees drenched
Drops drip down window sills
Irritated about cancelled plans
‘When will it stop and be still?’

Washing away dirt, creating streams
Don’t you remember dancing in rains?
Not knowing extremes
Sparkling faces, forgetting pains.

You don’t see anymore paper boats
Neither children getting wet
Only umbrellas or raincoats.
Allow yourself, would you let?

I don’t see paper boats anymore
Which would be random at times
Or carry some love or lore 
Floating like innocent crimes.

Why don’t you make them anymore?
Why do you now fear downpours?
Look at it. It’s the same old rain
Listen to your heart not your brain.

Come, we’ll relive memories.
Come, we’ll recreate stories.
If not happy what will you be?
Won’t you come, make paper boats with me? 

Muskaan Sancheti

Picture source: Pinterest


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